SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Being found on page one of Google or Bing, or whichever search engine you use, is the main goal of every marketing professional. The reason is simple: SEO - when done effectively - is free advertising.

Why SEO is a marathon, not a sprint

Most organisations want to see their website ranking on page one after the first month of SEO activities. However, Google's algorithm is complex, and takes into consideration - amongst other things - the weight, or authenticity of a domain. A website can take a long time to earn that kind of authority, so it is best to expect results after some time. However, the results are well worth it.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Effectively, it is when a website's findability on a search engine is improved or optimised. Along with technical SEO, this is done through several key factors.

  • Content - This is the main area of expertise that I bring to SEO, as I create content that is searchable on Google, and interesting to your audience. The longer people stay on a website and engage with the content, the stronger your SEO juice.
  • Link building - A key factor of SEO success is a good link-building strategy. This is both for onsite as well as off-site content. Internal linking ensures sound and healthy links on the site, no broken links, and interlinking to cornerstone pieces. All of this supports a good UX. Creating articles and blogs that are published off-site by websites that have a high domain authority serves to send strong SEO juice back to your website. This improves your ranking.
  • Website design - A well-designed website that is easy to use, engaging, quick to load on pc and mobile devices, and appealing all count in your favour in the ranking race.

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