Outsourced Marketing Manager in Cape Town

Instead of outsourcing parts of your marketing to a website designer, an SEO specialist, a social media agency, copywriter or email marketer, with me you’ll find that I have all of these skills under one roof.

Every part of your marketing handled in one resource; from your marketing strategy to implementation and ROI.

Bringing a wealth of knowledge across the whole marketing spectrum, I can help support your business goals.

Working  across a range of different companies has allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge of a variety of marketing tactics that I can adapt and apply to your business.

I take a hands-on approach to your business. You’ll never feel like a small cog in a big machine. My outsourced marketing manager skills are here to make your life easier.

If you want to grow your business and gain more work, marketing has to start taking a priority, and with my outsourced marketing manager skills, you can let me focus on your marketing, while you concentrate on your business.

As your outsourced marketing manager, I will:

Create and / or manage your marketing and content strategies.

Guide and develop your existing marketing talent.

Analyse digital metrics for informed decision-making.

Create leads and support sales efforts through effective marketing tactics.

Top three reasons why an outsourced marketing manager is a good idea

#1. Strategy

A comprehensive marketing strategy is ideal if you want to spend your marketing efforts effectively. An outsourced marketing manager like me can help you to:

  1. Understand who your ideal customer is.
  2. Clarify what problem you solve for them.
  3. Highlight what makes you better for your customer.
  4. Identify the best marketing channels to reach your customers.
  5. Fine-tune your message to convey this.

Unfortunately, most small and mid-sized business marketing departments fall apart on the strategy side of marketing. You can have the best execution team in the world, but if there is no strategy behind the tactics, the likelihood of success is low.


Need a marketing strategy?

With years of experience in marketing strategies for SMEs, unpacking a marketing strategy for your business that does all of the above can be done in two power-packed hours.

Once the strategy is documented and delivered to you, your existing marketing team can work with focus and clear direction according to the strategy. You may also opt to use my services to execute on some or every aspect of the strategy, for professional and stress-free marketing.

#2. Fresh eyes

An outsourced marketing manager bring multiple sets of a fresh eyes to your team, because in addition to hiring them, you are also hiring in the network of vendors and contractors they work with.

#3. Cost

The biggest reason that companies are outsourcing is to contain costs. The average Marketing Manager has a salary around is R45,000 - R100,000 per month. Most SME's can't justify that kind of salary burden.

Have you ever written a document and spent the time editing it for mistakes and were sure that it was correct? Have you then given it to someone else only to be shown not just one but several mistakes?

A new outlook on old ideas can really help invigorate a company.

What SME's should look for when considering an outsourced marketing manager

Every Batman has his Robin, right? But to create that dynamic duo is easier said than done. Here are some qualities marketing managers should seek out when researching various outsourced marketing options:

Long-term view. It’s important to find a marketing manager who shares your core values culture. Look for a partnership. 

Responsiveness. You need to know your marketing manager takes your inquiries seriously and recognises that your business is their business.

Rave reviews. When scoping out a prospective marketing manager, zip right on over to the testimonials section to see if others are happy with their work.

Flexibility. Always ask for pricing information. Be up front about the terms on which you could establish the outsourced marketing engagement.

A word from some of my customers

Website design and SEO

"A big thank you to Candace Consulting for getting the website up and running in no time. We are so happy and would highly recommend her."

Tasneem Abed

Safeway Print Solutions

Mystery Shopping

"Thanks Candace for the information and insight! It was really a pleasure working with you."

Anabella Killin

Fragrance Boutique

Marketing Manager 

"Thanks for handling everything for us, from letterheads, to website design, business cards, and signage. Its always great working with you."

Wayne King

Mast Holdings

Launch campaign - Western Cape

"You're on fire! Thanks for getting so much done so quickly for us."

Janine Hammond

Sherpa Kids

Marketing Manager

"Candace has handled our marketing for over 3 years, and is now taking our brand internationally. She handles everything for us: website design, maintenance, SEO, Google Adwords, newsletters, PR and articles, social media, and strategy."

Heinrich van der Vyver

QuickEasy Software

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