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We've all done it. You click on a business article only to find that the “Top 5 Ways to Do XYZ” is a really list of the most basic ways to accomplish XYZ? "Solving this problem" is a big deal, so how do small businesses stand out and get others to take notice of them?

The simple answer to this complicated question is content. Creating content that is unique and adds value to the conversation is pure marketing gold.

"Content creation is a science, not a task."

It takes time and effort to create content that is engaging, meaningful, educational, SEO-rich, and at the very least, entertaining.

Types of Content Creation: How can I help?


Whatever advertising or promotional content you need, be it the copy on brochures, billboards, websites, advertisements, catalogues, and more, I create for your business. As with all content creation, I will first immerse myself in the brand, tone, voice, and target audience, in order to write copy effectively, emotively, and with the desired outcome, be it engagement, conversion, or awareness.


E-mail marketing

This highly effective marketing tool reaches your existing, and soon-to-be, clients in their inbox. Creating content for email that gets read, and doesn't end up in a spam folder, is why you hire me.



Website content is dual-purpose: Firstly, it is for the humans who read it, but secondly, it is for Google who indexes it in order to be accurately listed as a result to search terms. Being found by Google through accurate, readable content is a science and a skill, and one that will benefit your business. Listing organically on page one of Google is a high prize for businesses, and the ultimate goal of effective SEO copy on a website.


Social media

Creating content for social media that is engaging, interesting, entertaining, on brand, and in your tone is a great way to grow community and reach out to your customer base. Social media that is created with your tone, voice, engaging content, and with your audience in mind, and scheduled on a content calendar for you means that you and your team are free to do more business-critical tasks, with peace of mind that your social media presence is strong.



A favourite for business owners, CEO's and senior management, storytelling is one of the most effective ways of capturing the hearts and minds of your team. Planning a breakaway? About to go through a transition, merger, or growth? Storytelling keeps your team focused and on track with your vision and mission.


Blogs and articles

A great way to keep fresh content on your site, and a key component to your content strategy, blogs and PR are the best way to introduce people to your brand, skills, products, but in a non-salesy way. Blogs and articles that are 'how to's' and add value are always a favourite, plus it lets Google know that your website is current. More than that, it reminds them that you are the expert, and most capable of dealing with their problem, the problem that your product or service solves so well.

The Kind of Content You Can Expect.


Entertaining gets shared, liked, and engaged with by your audience.


Strong points that don’t waste the reader's time; no fluff and fillers.


Regular, fresh, and new content keeps you relevant.


For content that narrows in on one subject: one article - one job.

Clear call to action

The final goal of content creation points readers to an instruction.

How Long Should Content Be?

content creation

There is no magic formula here but it should be guided by your content marketing strategy. The content simply needs to be as long as it needs to be in order to cover the information needed.

Of course, there are people who will tell you the best length of time for a video is three to five minutes.

Some magazines want 700–800-word articles, while some online platforms require 1,500 - 2,500 words for SEO purposes.

Whatever the length required, content that is interesting, and answers the question in the person's head, will be read / watched / clicked.

Some Examples of my Content Creation

PR and media

Business development and entrepreneurship thought leadership: Entrepreneur Magazine / Expert Hub and here

ERP and IT solutions advertorial: InFlight Magazine

Product brochure copy: QuickEasy BOS

Digital and growth marketing: Search Engine Journal

Ecommerce: Forbes

Technical writing

ERP software setup and use: BOS Print

A word from some of my Clients

Website design and SEO

"A big thank you to Candace Consulting for getting the website up and running in no time. We are so happy and would highly recommend her."

Tasneem Abed

Safeway Print Solutions

Mystery Shopping

"Thanks Candace for the information and insight! It was really a pleasure working with you."

Anabella Killin

Fragrance Boutique

Marketing Manager 

"Thanks for handling everything for us, from letterheads, to website design, business cards, and signage. Its always great working with you."

Wayne King

Mast Holdings

Launch campaign - Western Cape

"You're on fire! Thanks for getting so much done so quickly for us."

Janine Hammond

Sherpa Kids

Marketing Manager

"Candace has handled our marketing for over 3 years, and is now taking our brand internationally. She handles everything for us: website design, maintenance, SEO, Google Adwords, newsletters, PR and articles, social media, and strategy. Good job mevrou."

Heinrich van der Vyver

QuickEasy Software

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