Outsourced digital marketing pricing

Here is a menu of services that I offer, with prices.

Please always bear in mind that I can customise these packages and services to meet your unique digital marketing needs.

Not sure where to start?

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These digital marketing packages offer a mix of digital marketing strategies tailored to varying budget constraints and business goals.

Starter Package

R12,000 Per Month
  • Social Media: Two platforms, three posts per week
  • Email Marketing: One email per month
  • Website Security and Updates
  • One-hour consultation per month

Growth Package

R20,000 Per Month
  • Marketing Strategy Workshop
  • Social Media: Two platforms, three posts per week
  • Email Marketing: Two emails per month
  • Google Ads Management
  • Two blogs per month (SEO optimized)
  • Website Security and Updates

Marketing Package

R36,000 Per Month
  • Marketing Strategy & Marketing Plan
  • Social Media: Two platforms, three posts per week
  • Email Marketing: Four emails per month
  • Google Ads Management
  • Social Ads Management
  • Press and Media: One article per month
  • Two blogs per month (SEO optimized)
  • Website Security and Updates

Or, You Can Cherry-Pick Your Digital Marketing Services

Social media

Three scheduled posts per week on two different social media platforms. Engaging, entertaining, informative posts that will grow your brand community.

R3,500 pm

Email marketing

Emails that are targeted directly to your audience for improved response.

R2,000 per email

Google Adwords management

Optimise your Adwords spend and ROI.

R3,500 pm

Press and media

I will research, write, and burst to media contacts in print, radio and TV. Successful editorial pickups are included in this fee.

R5,000 per article

Additional Radio and TV success fee

R2,500 per radio pickup

R7,500 per TV pickup

Website security and updates

Ensure optimal security and performance for your WordPress website.

R680 pm


Whatever your subject, I will write an engaging piece in your voice and tone for your readers. Each blog is fully SEO'd (content and images).

R2,000 per blog

Google Adwords setup

To create your Google Adwords account from scratch is a large and lengthy task if done correctly, and worth the investment.

R7,500 once-off

Website content creation

For content that is enjoyable for humans, as well as for Google.

R550 per hour

Marketing strategy

This fully comprehensive marketing strategy for startups and SMEs covers everything you will need to effectively execute a marketing plan for your business.

R5,000 for a two-hour workshop

Hourly rate

This is for consultation work that falls outside of these services above.

R550 per hour

Website Design Options

Each website is a unique build, so please use these prices as a guideline only.

  • Single Page Website / Landing Page @ R5,000.
  • 3 - 4 Page Website @ R10,000.
  • 5 - 8 Page Website @ R15,000.

Websites that require more pages will be quoted as a project.

Websites are built using WordPress and include:

  • Project management.
  • Content sourcing / creation / editing.
  • SEO.
  • Image optimisation.
  • Site indexing.

Ongoing maintenance and updates are highly recommended to ensure optimal performance and security of your online investment.

Websites don't include domain purchasing, graphic design, or hosting, however I can assist where needed.

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